8 Questions About Using Welltheos: Q/A with Trevor Hirst

Have you heard about Welltheos, the CMS-approved Web Broker platform?

Welltheos is an easy-to-use private exchange platform that was designed out of necessity. With healthcare consumerism and increasing health coverage accessibility top of mind, we offer benefit brokers and agents the tools needed to power their enrollment activities, grow their business, and enhance their customers’ experiences.

Since our launch, we have received several questions regarding our free enrollment platform and how it works.

We’ll admit, free can often be a scary word. But, we can assure you that there’s no catch to our ”freemium” business model. Allow us to prove it to you.

Here, our National Account Executive, Trevor Hirst, addresses your questions:

What does Welltheos mean?

Trevor Hirst: The meaning behind Welltheos is the “God of Wellness,” which is derived from the Greek translation of wellness (Well) and God (Theos). 


How does submitting an application on Welltheos work?

Trevor Hirst: There are 3 steps to submitting an application on Welltheos: (1) plan selection, (2) subsidy eligibility, and (3) completing the application.  After you submit the application, the enrollment will be processed through the Marketplace (healthcare.gov) and your information (NPN number) is passed on to the insurance carrier to distribute your commission. Once the application is submitted, a confirmation email will be sent to the customer for binder payment, and you [as the broker] will get an enrollment notification in your dashboard.

How do brokers retain their commissions? 

Trevor Hirst: One of the most common question we receive surrounds how we’re able to offer our platform at no cost. Unlike other broker platforms on the market, our goal is to increase ACA enrollment while keeping broker commissions whole. Therefore, brokers retain 100% of their commission. While this can seem too good to be true, there isn’t any catch. We are leveraging the technology and expertise we have acquired and developed within other areas of our business.


What type of plans does Welltheos offer?

Trevor Hirst: Welltheos displays qualified health plans (QHPs) that are offered on the Federally Facilitated Marketplace (healthcare.gov). Using the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ (CMS) Public Use Files, available plans from participating issuers are loaded into our system. As each insurance carrier has their own unique service area, plans displayed through the portal will vary by location. 


Is Welltheos an extension of healthcare.gov?

Trevor Hirst: Correct. Welltheos is a CMS-approved alternative to enrolling in coverage through the federal marketplace (healthcare.gov). As a certified Web Broker Entity (WBE), we provide a platform for brokers and agents to assist their clients. The difference between Welltheos and healthcare.gov is our simplistic approach and intuitive user experience that saves brokers time. Utilizing our platform, brokers can review available plan options, submit qualified health plan (QHP) applications, manage their commissions, and more. 


What new features can brokers and agents expect for this open enrollment?

Trevor Hirst: While we are keeping the basic enrollment portal completely free, we have added functionality and incorporated design changes that will make it easier to navigate, enroll, and keep track of your book of business.

Welltheos also offers a branded agency portal. How does this differ from our broker platform? Who is best suited for this option? 

Trevor Hirst: While the agency portal does not allow you to sign anyone up on Healthcare.gov, it will let you anonymously shop for individual and family plans. The agency portal showcases detailed analytics and statistics, provides broker and subscriber management tools, and allows the agency to create a branded and themed enrollment website.

The users for the agency portal vary widely. We are seeing single independent brokers creating an agency portal for a more professional site. There are 2-10 person agencies using Welltheos to keep the transactions under one system. We are also hosting large agencies with over 200 brokers, which utilize Welltheos as a powerful tool to help keep costs down and keep track of their many agents across a large geographic and economic area. It is amazing to watch how the varied groups can use one platform in so many ways.

What’s Next?

Trevor Hirst: We’re always trying to come up with new features and striving to make the platform easier and faster for all users. I have had some great discussions with brokers and agencies around the country, and the main insight I try to convey is that the brokers are our eyes and ears on the ground. Whatever tools they need to simplify enrollments, we want to develop.

The views and opinions expressed by the authors on this blog website and those providing comments are theirs alone, and do not reflect the opinions of Softheon, Inc. (dba Welltheos).

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