5 Ways Brokers Can Use Social Media to Engage with Clients


With a lot of focus placed on scheduling and taking appointments, social media often takes a back seat for many health insurance agents. But, your digital presence matters and can serve as your first impression – especially when reaching millennials and other tech savvy consumers.

With this in mind, here are five ways brokers can utilize social media to engage clients throughout the upcoming benefit year.


  1. Take advantage of trending hashtags. It is important to keep in mind that active customers are typically not interested in just your services – they simply want to find coverage that works best for themselves and their families, giving them accessible care and affordable prices. These active customers are engaged in the industry, and are likely to search for trending hashtags. Websites like symplur.com are an excellent resource for trending hashtags, categorized by industry. If you’re stuck, stick to some industry staples like #healthcare and #employeebenefits that at any given time leave you with a good chance of exposure to a broader audience.


  1. Twitter Lists are your friend. Those that are most successful on social media are painstakingly organized. The more that you can segment your clients in a manner that works for you, the better off you will be. Twitter has the option of creating lists, allowing you the opportunity to group different customers perhaps by their needs, or even their location. This makes your dashboard less of a jumbled, continuous stream, and more like an elaboration on a thought process.


  1. Target your approach. The more specific and thoughtful you can get in your strategy, the better. For example, once you’ve grouped together your New York customers, a strategic move could be simply mentioning these customers and then include a trending NY topic or even linking them to a New York-centric article from a respected thought leader. This connects you to your customers on a personal, unexpected level, and sets you apart from larger organizations.


  1. Diversify your content. A good rule of thumb for social media is that 70% of your content should be from sources other than yourself. Social media communication is most effective when it mirrors face-to-face communication; the more listening you do instead of speaking, the more well-liked and respected you will be. If you’re promoting nothing but your own efforts, you’re like a friend that speaks only of themselves! Follow healthcare news organizations, members of the media, and thought leaders, and remember that each of your posts serves to add value to your customers.


  1.  Optimize your exposure. An easy but often overlooked social media strategy simply hinges upon the day and time that you are posting. Twitter users, overall, are more active toward the mid- to late-afternoon. This can vary depending upon the demographics of your customers, so do your research.  Keep in mind varying time zones, as well; a 10:00 AM EST post directed at a California customer is likely to be ignored!


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